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Does Acupuncture Work? We Debunk 5 Common Myths

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

There is no doubt about the fact that acupuncture has a lot of benefits and it is going to be very beneficial for you in the long run. It is a major part of traditional Chinese medicine that has been available for a long time now but some people still doubt the authenticity of acupuncture. So if you want to know about all the misconceptions which are revolving around acupuncture then you need to read this article today.

In this article we will discuss the five common misconceptions about acupuncture work and whether it works or not. So keep on reading to find out more information below about acupuncture north shore.

1. Painful

The first most popular and common misconception that is available about acupuncture is that it is going to be very painful for the person to get. This misconception is among people because your puncture procedure involves using different needles on the skin. These needles come in contact with the skin and you will be able to fill them a little bit on your skin as if someone is tickling your skin. However, it is just a misconception that it is going to hurt a lot because no such thing is going to happen when you go to the salon to get this treatment done on your body. You will be able to feel a little bit that someone is touching your body or it is going to be a painless procedure for you on your body with a lot of benefits.

2. No Good

The next misconception that is available regarding your puncture is that it is of no good and it is not going to provide any benefit to the body of the person who is getting this procedure done. The misconception is that it does not work at all because there is no study about it. However, it is just a misconception and there is no reason for you to believe it. A lot of scientific study and research has been done about it until now and it is proven to provide a lot of benefits and also gets rid of joint pain that people feel in their body in old age.

3. Voodoo

Many people think that acupuncture has something to do with being a part of a Cult and people think that it is going to bring negative energy and their life. However, there is no such thing that is going to happen if you get this procedure done on your body. It is going to be very beneficial because it will balance your body and also provide healing properties to your body in the long run.

4. No Training

Another misconception is that anyone can perform acupuncture on anyone without having any training. However, that is not true because you have to go to a proper institution to learn how to perform this procedure on someone and then you become certified to do so as a professional.

5. Only For Pain

Acupuncture is not just for physical pain by also for mental trauma and depression to get rid of it.


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