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Staying Fit - A healthy advice for you

You are what you eat Initially, there are four main factors that everyone should follow in order to achieve their personal best. The first thing to remember is that your body will only function at its full potential if you provide it with the best fuel to run on. Eating the right foods and banishing junk food, will set your body up with the best start by providing it with essential nutrition. This requires a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, in larger amounts, which provides our bodies with energy, helps with growth and maintains our bodies. While vitamins and minerals, in smaller quantities, are also necessary for your body. Water, although does not fall under a nutrient, is essential for healthy living and body function. While eating healthily is important, you should also consider portion sizes. It is also important that you do not skip meals, as this is in fact counterproductive.

Exercise and fitness The second most important factor which should be considered is regular exercise. This does not necessarily require intense gym workouts, however, the more exercise you incorporate the best results you will be able to achieve. Most specialists suggest a minimum of an hour of daily gentle exercise, including walking, jogging, and running. Not only will the exercise assist with keeping your lungs and heart, but it shall also keep your blood flowing. If you prefer an activity then both cycling and swimming are good options and cause less stress on joints. This will mean that your muscles are worked and you are able to burn the energy which you have taken in during eating. Although gentle exercise will not particularly target specific muscle groups or help with sculpting or toning, it will help improve general health. Not everybody has the time or finances to be able to go to the gym, however, there are plenty of different exercises and stretches you are able to do in the comfort of your own home.

It's all in the mind! Having a positive mindset in respect of keeping fit and staying motivated shall make a massive difference to the success of your fitness journey and end goals. It is a lot easier to motivate and gear up to do the daily exercise and the routine needed when the sun is out, but when the weather is dark and dull, it is often difficult to find your self-motivation. Ways in which can be combatted are to exercise with a friend, join a class with like-minded individuals, or just listen to your favorite tunes to help get you focused. If you are eating the right foods, then you should have fewer difficulties with energy levels, but regular exercise will help assist your body's performance. This regular exercise will lead long-term to a lot of long term benefits for you both physically as well as mentally. It is known that not only your fitness levels will increase, but exercise helps rewire your brain and reduces stress levels. Therefore, sticking to your plan is always important, and you are the only one in control of your own self-motivation. Another way you could help keep yourself motivated is to set small goals and once you have accomplished them treat yourself to an activity or spa treatment. Do not forget to believe in yourself.

Don't forget to rest Fourthly, you are going to need to make sure that the amount of sleep which you get is correct. Sleep is integral to your body functioning properly. In the modern and busy lifestyles which most people have these days, sleep is often something that gets overlooked rather than being made a priority. In turn, the proper amount of exercise will allow you to have better sleep and assist with your energy levels throughout the day. In order to achieve the best outcome for your health, there are in fact optimal times you should exercise during the day. To gain the best results from this, it is better to exercise either in the morning or afternoon rather than during the evening. Exercising at these times shall allow your body temperature to rise and fall just prior to you falling to sleep.



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