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What to Look for When Buying Children’s Eyewear

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

When it comes to finding a pair of specs for your kids, it can seem like mission impossible. It’s not as simple for children to explain how some things feel or whether the lens is right for them. Plus, getting children to wear them can be a challenge. This is where finding some frames that your child will love is key.

Lindberg glasses are a designer brand that boasts some of the world’s best kids’ eyewear. They make finding a pair that is both functional and cool enough much less of a challenge than you might have thought. However, with all the choices available, finding the perfect pair can be overwhelming for parents, so we’ve come up with some tips for buying your child’s eyewear.

1. Choosing Style and Colour

Since this is an accessory that your child will be wearing throughout the day, you’ll want to make sure that they love their frames and don’t feel self-conscious. A fun way to make your kids feel comfortable and proud of their new specs is to find some young celebs or possible idols who wear glasses and show them how cool it can be. Ultimately, you’ll want to give your child free rein to choose their color and style and Lindberg glasses for kids have a wonderful range for you to choose from, making the task much easier.

2. Frame Material

It’s inevitable that children will be fiddling with their specs and taking them on and off all day. This means you want a flexible, light, and durable frame. Lindberg glasses for kids offer a screwless design made with titanium, which is extremely strong as well as light. However, there is also plastic eyewear, which can be affordable and just as durable. Both these materials are hypoallergenic, which is perfect for children’s sensitive skin.

3. Lenses

Obviously, the primary factor to consider when choosing eyewear is the prescription. This will determine the thickness of the lenses, which will determine the frame. The stronger the prescription, the thicker the lenses. Children’s lense will mostly be made with polycarbonate or Tirvex, which are both much more damage resistant than other kinds of lenses. They’re also lightweight!

4. Bridge fit

Children’s noses are not fully developed, which, in order to stop specs from slipping, is why children’s Lindberg glasses will tend not to have bridges. Make sure you speak with your optician about this and they’ll ensure that the right frame is fitted for your child’s face.

5. Buy a backup pair

Finally, always remember a backup! Kids are much tougher on their eyewear than adults, so it’s advised to buy a second pair along with the primary one. This means you’ll be prepared in the event of any accidents that may occur.

Finding the right pair of specs for your child can be a minefield, but hopefully, these tips have helped quell any concerns. If you’re ready to start looking, Lindberg glasses have a wonderful range of designer eyewear for young people. If you have any further questions, be sure to speak with your independent opticians.


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