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Healthy Diet Options
For Heart Health

Cardiac Diseases and Healthy Diet

Cardiac diseases are one of the most common among everybody. If you are over thirty, you might be at risk.

Sometimes you may feel healthy but inside, your heart is killing you slowly. The heart is an important organ that continuously pumps up oxygenated blood throughout your body. The oxygenated blood helps every organ in your body to keep you perfectly healthy. Mostly due to improper diet, smoking, or substance abuse, a person can damage his/her heart. It is better to take precautions before you enter hell.

What affects your heart?


Nowadays, blood pressure is one of the most common things.

If you have high blood pressure/hypertension, then you can still control it easily.

Bad Diet:-

If you are following unethical diet plans, then you might end up having heart disease. Stop eating junk and save your life. A junk diet contains bad cholesterol, and it makes you fatter which leads to life-threatening heart disease.


Smoking is a bad habit. It doesn't only damage your cardiovascular system but also damages your entire body. Impurities from smoking substances clog your lungs,  which will then reduces the ability to transfer oxygen to the blood. The toxic chemicals that travel throughout your bloodstream cause organs to fail. People who smoke regularly may suffer from cardiac arrhythmias, and later hypertension.


As most of us know diabetes is a silent killer, and it is one of the major reasons behind deaths. If you're suffering from diabetes, whether pre, post or type 1, or type 2, you are in a danger zone, and you have to play safe afterward. Diabetes weakens your heart, and it also destroy your immune system.

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Apples (Fruit)


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Leafy Greens

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Oils, herbs, and Spices

Olive Oil Bottles

Virgin Olive Oil (for salads)

Are you confused about the diet? I have added a few fruit and vegetable options for you to start with.

It is very important to limit salt intake. Even if you take medium-level potassium veggies, nothing will happen to you unless you have kidney disease.

It is better to check up with your doctor for kidney disease. It is well known that many patients with high blood pressure may end up failing their kidneys.

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